Face the Giant was founded by Jacob and Kristle Alvarez, a young, married couple in San Antonio, TX, with dreams and aspirations of living life on their own terms and inspiring others to do the same.

In 2007, shortly after graduating from college, Kristle began her career in the corporate world. While it was great for a while, after 10 years, she decided that working in that type of environment wasn't allowing her to express herself and fulfill her passions in life. In 2017, she took a leap of faith, and started her beauty and lifestyle blog, KristleLauren.com, as an outlet to share her true passions.

Jacob's career started at a very young age, selling supplements at a local gym in high school. After many years of hard work and long hours, he advanced his way up to now having a very successful sales career. Jacob has always had the mindset of an entrepreneur, and knew that was his calling in life. He has gone after many business endeavors, none of which have ever worked out as planned. He has failed many times, but that has only taught him that you can't lose if you never quit. 

In 2018, that is when they came together with the idea of starting an apparel brand that represented their place in life - having a dream, believing in it, and going after it. Success and greatness is not only reserved for a select few, it is attainable by anyone who is willing to have a dream and work hard for it.

Everyone is on their own path. We are all a work in progress. We hope that you can connect with our story in some way, and that it inspires you to take steps, even if they're small ones, to achieving your own goals. Thank you for being here!